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Marc Jaffrey OBE,

"As a musician and composer he is highly disciplined, determined and undaunted as a character and this combines powerfully with a genuine humility and desire to continually learn... He is fiercely bright, clear sighted and yet understated and calm – there is no ego driven musician here – it’s never about him and always about the impact on others lives... his emotional warmth, love of people and ability to actively listen, reflect and adapt that makes his work come alive and command such respect and affection from educators and users... one of the most outstanding community-based educationalists of his generation undertaking work of national significance..."

Temujin Gill, London Olympic Choreographer

"....He's a very responsive and talented composer and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to other artist and organisations. I look forward to many more collaborations and will definitely want to feature his music on my future productions" 

Thomas Noone,

"I greatly enjoy working with Jim, he has unfailingly produced great music for me, varied yet signature and particular. But its not just because of the final result, but also the ease and simplicity of the process and the straight-up no approach always means that the creation is centre of attention. He understands dance and its requirements and does not let any hint of ego  or "musicianship" stand in the way of the task in hand - however flighty I might get! To sum up, his humility belies his enormous talent."

Angela Ekaette Michaels.

"Jim is a talented composer with lots of ideas. He has fantastic interpretive skills and is responsive to changes in the production. His meticulous and inspired approach combine to deliver music that is nuanced, dynamic and which lifts the soul. A joy to work with."  

Lucy Bennet, Artist Director, Stopgap Dance Company

"Jim is one of the most versatile composers we have worked with. He is un afraid of the big and the bold and relishes reflecting our dance expression through striking, infectious music. Jim always does that little bit extra - without you having to ask and without you realising you needed it." 


Laura Saunders, Teaching and Learning Manager, Surrey Music Hub 

"Jim holds the individuality and needs of each and every young person he works with at the heart of his role; listening, collaborating and innovating. He designs highly successful programmes and training for young people and professionals with flare and creativity, paying careful attention to what is needed. Jim challenges the 'norm' and supports colleagues and young people in developing the way they do things."




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